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    Cloud Hosting & Migration

    The Essential Cloud Tools for Any Business Goal

    Cloud Hosting Migration in itah

    Make a Seamless Transition to the Cloud

    Leverage cutting-edge cloud solutions while experiencing minimal disruption
    to your operations! The experts at UIC Company are here to identify opportunities and provide you with the best options for enhancing your business processes, including web hosting migration and hosting immigrants.


    Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Process

    United IT Consultants helps engineering teams better understand existing infrastructure and application architecture to ensure an effective and cost-efficient cloud migration strategy.

    • Leverage insights to assess which cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes or serverless functions are best suited to your needs.

    • Map dependencies, patterns and current usage with Smartscape before refactoring applications.

    • Make informed decisions about how to architect microservices and prioritize workload migration.

    Optimize Performance Throughout The Migration Process

    Minimize performance degradation and ensure optimal performance throughout each migration cycle with granular before-and-after performance data.
    • Instantly identify the root cause of migration issues to help accelerate resolution and minimize business impact.

    • Quickly find security vulnerabilities and remediate them before they become real issues

    Data Security in the Cloud

    The migration to a cloud database has many advantages, other than cost saving, it provides the ultimate operational efficiency and high security measures. including encryption, secure access controls, regular data backups, maintaining a solid Data Security. Businesses must consider migration to the cloud to protect their and their costumers’ data.

    Data Security in the Cloud
    Cloud Computing services

    Cloud Computing in 3 types

    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Software a Service (SaaS)

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