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Technology Risk Assessment & Audits Services

Technology risk assessment and audits are now more important than ever, for they include identifying, evaluating, and predicting potential risks and threats that could impact a company’s IT infrastructure. They involve examination and continuous control of all hardware and software used by an organization in order to maintain a smoothly running system and to measure different aspects such as productivity, improvements that need to be done and strategic planning to be made.

IT Security Risk Assessments

IT Security risk assessments play a crucial role in fortifying an organization’s protection layers. These assessments focus on strengthening the defensive mechanisms of the IT infrastructure of a company, to ensure that all sensitive data would not be lost or compromised, and guide organizations through major changes and radical strategic planning. Infrastructure.

Identify Threats To Your Business Technology

We’ll thoroughly review vulnerabilities and risks so you know where to focus your attention.

Infrastructure Availability

Measure the architecture and resilience of your systems.

Infrastructure Security

Understand all the pathways that can lead to a data breach or cyber attack.

Communication Systems

Recognize how your business depends on properly running, well-connected networks, messaging systems, and cloud-based platforms.

Insider Risk

Examine employee engagement, quality of life, access privileges, and the overall risk to your business.

Natural Disasters

Consider how disruptive weather and other natural events could impact your business assets and functions.

Third-Party Vendors

Assess security best practices at every company you collaborate with.

Software Vulnerabilities

Analyze your software for any gaps or errors that attackers could take advantage of and use for infiltration.

Compliance Failures

Uncover gaps between your business procedures and required government standards and understand potential liabilities.

  • To reduce technological risks, organizations must identify potential technology risks before they occur, and then implement a plan to address those threats.
  • We audit IT hardware and software regularly to ensure continued software updates and security patches and use tools to categorize and prioritize technology risks.
  • Talk to us today and learn more about how we help our clients maintain a safe and secure environment for their IT infrastructure.
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